Village Notices

Residents' Vehicle Tag Information

Please drive with care! Don't speed! Keep in mind it's Summer...!

Walkers, bikers, children, and pets are out and about.


Be respectful of your neighbor.

Please pick up after your dog!




Noise beyond a property line is allowed weekdays from 8:00am–4:30pm.


No noise on Saturday or Sunday except by property owner/resident (Saturday from 9:00am–4:30pm and Sunday from 10:00am–2:00pm). No contractors on weekends!




Garbage pickup Monday & Thursday.  Place items out early. Recycling pickup Wednesday.   If a Federal holiday falls on a Holiday, garbage pickup will be the next working day.  

During bear season, garbage should not be left out overnight. Please place in containers with a tight-fitting lid.



Welcome Packet  

For new and current residents of the Village of Tuxedo Park please stop by the Village Office.


"Are You Prepared?" Click to view 

Emergency Preparedness Packet



Power Outages

O&R requests that each customer notify them of their specific street address and account number or 10 digit pole number on yellow tags

(5 numbers on top of 5 other numbers).

This info helps in assessing severity of outage and crews needed to deploy.


O&R customer service phone number:


Tuxedo Lake Boating Restrictions 2016

2016-2017 Village Tax Collection Notice

The Tuxedo Park Tree Advisory Board

Dedicated to providing you with essential information about caring for our trees.

Architecural Renderings -

Main Entrance

Non-Residents' Vehicle Tag Information

Please limit noise & light tresspass

It's Summer...!  Noise and light will travel further than you think.  Please be a respectful neighbour and be aware of those around you.  Rules and Guidelines here

Milfoil update

Call the Village Office for details

Call the Village Office for details

Call the Village Office for details

Call the Village Office for details

Call the Village Office for details


Village Bid Notices



Entry Booth Bid - click here 



Mayor's Current Newsletter

Read Mayor Guinchard's Newsletter

April 2017

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Tree Advisory Board - TAB

Read TAB's recent newsletter

(update this)

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Your Village Government is working for you !

Yes...we did it...!  For FY2016, we came in $350k lower than budget. We clipped, we snipped, we demanded, we fought every contract on your behalf - and lowered your expenses by more than $350k - that means lower taxes for you this coming year.

Pilgrim Pipeline Update

Tuxedo Township Opposes the Pipeline

To view list of public meetings click here

Dam Construction Update

Wee-Wah dam update meeting