Mayor's Message

Welcome to The Village of Tuxedo Park


Tuxedo Park is a very welcoming village located at the gateway to Orange County and the Hudson Valley.  Located a mere 38 miles north-west of New York City, it is comprised of some 290 historic homes nestled in a very private nature sanctuary of rocky peaks, scenic valleys, and stunning glacial lakes.  The hawks glide, the eagles soar, and exquisite wildlife frolics around the pristine spring-fed lakes.  With some of the county's leading Public and Private Schools located in close proximity, Tuxedo Park is an idyllic location to raise a young family in a magical setting, or to retire in a very safe, natural, and historic environment.

A Short History


Tuxedo Park's fascinating history has been well documented. Virgin woodlands surrounding Tuxedo Lake were rapidly transformed in a few months' time (from late 1885 to early 1886) into an exclusive get-away for innovative New Yorkers through the vision, energy, and financial resources of Pierre Lorillard IV.  Lorillard's original plan contemplated a more rustic hunting and fishing preserve centred around a common Club House.  However, beginning in 1900, Tuxedo Park soon took its place on the social calendars of New York's pioneering and innovative citizens, with its annual Autumn Ball becoming the place for debutantes to be introduced to New York high society. In fact, introduced during one such Debutante Ball in the early 1920’s the "Tuxedo Jacket" was just one of the products of the then young and creative minds of our Village.  Tuxedo Park became an incorporated village in 1952, and although still a private, gated community, it now has a Mayor, Village Board, and the various other accessories, offices, and personnel associated with a proper New York State village.

Village Governance


The Village is governed by a Mayor and four other Trustees.  The Mayor is charged with all of the operations of the Village, with the Police Department, the Department of Public works, and with all other Village employees reporting directly to the Mayor.  The Village Trustees are primarily charged with the legislative responsibility to create, remove, or amend Local Laws, along with the responsibility of general oversight as ombudsmen.  


The Village Government is guided by the following principles:


1.  Providing highest quality service to its residents, at the lowest possible cost.

2.  Protecting the pristine natural environment of Tuxedo Park and its Lakes.

3.  Promoting fiscal responsibility in order to minimize real estate taxes for its residents.

4.  Preserving the Village's history and safeguarding the Park’s historic houses and structures.

5.  Actively fostering a sense of  Community, which has historically existed in America’s small towns and villages.


I sincerely believe that the Village of Tuxedo Park is a truly special place.  We are all working very hard to keep it that way for all of you... and for the generations which will come after you.



With my warmest regards,

Mary Jo Guinchard


Village of Tuxedo Park



All images copyright by Greg Miller, Source: Tuxedo Park: The Gift of Nature, with the exception of "The Orange Sky" copyright Carol Monderer Publishing, Source: Tuxedo Park: The Gift of Nature, and of "Elevated Views of Tuxedo Lake" copyright THC.